Podcast Assistance

Making a podcast can be complicated.

There are many different ways which Ventoux.Digital can help.

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Podcast Consultation

Have you got an idea, but are unsure how you can translate it into a podcast?

We can give advice and assistance on scripting, feature ideas, production, presentation and ways to bring your audience close to you.

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Podcast Production and Management Assistance

Perhaps you need help to record an interview? Need help in sourcing a recording studio? Have you already recorded some audio? Need assistance in distributing the podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and other platforms? Want your audio to appear on social media?

Ventoux.Digital can help!


Audio Editing

Do you have audio and want to remove all the hmmm's, arrrr's, clicks, bleeps, errors, coughs and other unwanted noises? Perhaps the interview you recorded is too quiet and needs boosting, or has a hiss on it? 

Ventoux.Digital can help!