Summit of Mont Ventoux

Ventoux.Digital assist businesses in creating high quality audio productions

The company is named after one of cycling's most toughest climbs, Mont Ventoux. The Tour De France visits the mountain regularly and many have struggled to make it to the top. However, the beauty is in the story of the reaching the summit.

Podcasting is the same, there are many ways to reach success, but the beauty is in the stories and how you tell it.

Ventoux.Digital are able to help in many ways on your climb to the top, but essentially we can help in three ways:

  • Podcast Consulation

  • Podcast Production and Management

  • Audio Editing

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Ventoux.Digital, is lead by Creative Director, Mark Kendrick

Mark Kendrick headshot.jpg

Mark Kendrick has been in the radio and podcast space since 1998. Over this period Mark has gained vast experience in editing, producing, assistance and consulting with go-to market strategies. Most of this time has been within the Business to Business space in the tech industry and has worked with a number of key industry leaders.

Mark studied a degree in Radio Production at the University of Manchester. He has also worked at the BBC, various commercial and internet radio stations.

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